Our latest collection Calatrava named in honor of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, this line is inspired by his architectural opera, specifically magnificent erections like the Auditorium in Tenerife, the TGV train station in Lyon and L'Hemisferi.

«The seeking of a poetic comes from plasticity, and in the pretending that building can be like big sculptures, is a quiet ambition, truly, it might transcend in some and in others some works don't achieve the transcendence, but it is quite proper from the things that trouble me...» S. Calatrava

In the same language, Felina conceives jewelry as sculptures for the body. In the same seeking of a poetic plasticity that attempts to respond to the identity of our times, and precisely like this transcend towards an atemporal language in our designs.

The lines in this collection have movement that begin from less to more and more to less like waves. 

«The movement conveys another dimension to the form and embodies a lively piece. Instead of conceiving a building as mineral or as a rock, I compare it to the sea and its waves in movement o like a flower whose petals opens into dawn» S. Calatrava