Mariana Estrada and Antonieta Fernandez founded FELINA, as a personal project to express their creativity and love for beauty. Mariana has lived in Milan, Rome and New York and Antonieta in Buenos Aires, cities that have not only influenced their outlook on life but are also a constant source of inspiration, as well as their native Mexico.

Within the arts; architecture, music, paintings, and sculptures are different means that inspire them on a daily basis, without forgetting the most original source of inspiration, nature. 

FELINA style is a unique high-impact Minimalism that provides flawless lines and an exceptional design.Through timeless pieces, Felina steers away from becoming a passing trend.


When we first started designing we came up with bold pieces that were not wearable, dispite how beautiful the idea of it was. As our first collection came out, we realized that a lot more was requiered from us.

Each piece is hand made by goldsmiths jewelers, that carefully supervise the very last detail in order to bring an impecable finish to each piece.